We all know Gaming industry is multi-billion dollar industry & so are the companies which sell game related equipments. This Headphone is a well-known name in audio industry, it has now started investing in gaming headset market with their product JBL Quantum 360P. In this article we do a JBL Quantum 360P review in an unbiased way & also tell what kind of response it has received from gamers worldwide.

 JBL Quantum 360P

Design and Comfort

JBL Quantum 360P gives an amazing first impression. It has a very sleek and modern design which is preferred by the gaming community & it also fits the aesthetics standards perfectly. It has sharp lines and its unique RGB lighting give it a look which appeals to gamers who are looking for a headset that is visually appealing.

JBL Quantum 360P build quality is also very good. It is robust, and is constructed with compact materials which increase its durability. It is slightly on the bulkier side, which isn’t ideal fit for users having small head sizes. Although, Headphones is adjustable headband ensures a comfortable fitting for most users.

Comfort wise, JBL Quantum 360P performs well. Its memory foam ear cushions allows gamers to wear the headset for extended periods without any kind of discomfort whatsoever. Headphone design is very well thought out and its nothing less than a boon for immersive gaming sessions. However, it’s must be noted that the weight of the headset can become noticeable after a prolonged use.


Audio Quality

JBL’s high quality audio standards are evident in the Quantum 360P’s sound quality as well. The headset deliver clear and crisp audio with a special focus on mids and the highs. This emphasis on these frequencies improves dialogue clarity mutifold and also ensures that in-game communication remains crystal clear as well. However, bass response of JBL Quantum 360P  may leave some users wanting more, especially those who prefer deep, and  thumping bass which is quite often associated with gaming audios.

JBL Quantum 360P also has a Spatial audio, which is a crucial feature of gaming headsets. While it certainly enhances the directional cues, it does falls short of providing the much desired immersive 3D audio experiences which is being offered by some of its competitors in the same price range.

Microphone Performance

JBL Quantum 360P built-in microphone performs very well, it offers excellent voice clarity which is required for in-game communication and online meetings. It also features noise cancellation, and effectively reduces background noise and also ensures the gamers voice comes through clearly. Though it meets the desired requirements of most game users, dedicated streamers and content creators will mostly prefer a detachable, and a more customizable microphone for their specific needs.

Connectivity and Controls

JBL Quantum 360P excels in its versatility regarding connectivity. It is compatibile with a wide range of platforms, such as PC, gaming consoles, and mobile devices as well, thanks to its in-buillt 3.5mm jack and USB-C options. The on-ear controls provide quick access for volume adjustments and muting, thereby improving the overall user experience.

 JBL Quantum 360P


To summarize JBL Quantum 360P review done in this article. This is a handy & capable mid-range gaming headset which checks most boxes but falls short in some key areas. This Headphone is visually appealing design, comfortable fitting, and versatile connectivity make it a an excellent choice for gamers seeking an all-around performer. However, its bass response isn’t that impressive and its bulky build may not be desired by everyone.

JBL Quantum 360P presents a good balance between performance and affordability but it definitely isn’t the best mid-range gaming headset. Depending on what your gaming preferences & taste are, it will be a good addition to your gaming set, and will provide a very comfortable and immersive user experience. However, those who prioritize deep bass or more advanced spatial audio, there can look out for other options in the market which cater more to their preferences.

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