Netflix password sharing India

Last year, Netflix announced that it is bringing additional restrictions on Netflix password sharing India. The streaming service has taken steps to crack down on password-sharing worldwide in the past months and also restricts users from sharing passwords with outside people who don’t belong to their household.

The company also said that a Netflix account is for use by one household. Everyone living in that household can use Netflix at home, on the go, or holidays and benefit from the latest features, such as transferring profiles and managing access and devices.

Netflix password sharing India free is quite common among Netflix users, who often share their Netflix account with their known relatives or friends to split the cost of the account between two or three users. The new measures are going to cause inconveniences for such types of users.

How Does the Company Identify Netflix Password Sharing India?

Account sharing is only allowed among individuals who are residing in the same household. The users who have parents or housemates living in the same place will be able to share the account without any restrictions. The owner needs to have the top-most plan, which will support at least four people.

Netflix identifies the Netflix password sharing India app with the help of the IP addresses of the users and also by using the device ID and account activity from the devices that were signed into the account. The company’s identification of the IP addresses will make it challenging for users who belong outside of the primary household to use the account. Netflix wants the users to enter the access code to simply get access outside the immediate household for up to seven days.

You will be able to share your account with more than two additional users beyond the four account holders and provide you with the premium plan as an extra precaution; the other users need to log in by using the primary household’s wifi at least once a month.

If the Netflix household has not been set, then the company will automatically select one for you on the basis of your IP address, device ID, and account activity.

Netflix password sharing India

What Does This Mean for the Users?

The new policy will be implemented from 20th July, and the rollout will also be gradual. If you get caught sharing the account, then you will be asked to create a separate account, or you may need to update your home location. Netflix previously announced that it also has a way to suspend the account.

Users can check who was logged in to their account by simply visiting their account’s security and privacy settings and selecting the manage access and devices option. If the users have multiple wifi networks, then Netflix will simply associate any one of them with the user’s household. If you are willing to watch Netflix on the device that was connected to the wifi network by using a different IP address, then Netflix will simply ask you to verify that the device is part of your household.

The users need to ensure they set or update their Netflix household by using a device that is connected to the preferred or highly used internet connection. Those who are using someone else’s account will also get an option to transfer their profile to the new account simply. The user’s viewing history and personalized recommendations will be assigned to the new profile.

Any Impact While Travelling?

The streaming giant netflix clarified that this move doesn’t impact the users who use the app while traveling. How the company plans to enforce this needs to be made clear, and the company will likely track the ID of the device to verify the identity of the user simply.

What about Paid Sharing?

Netflix announced the paid sharing facility in the market of some countries like the US, where it allows users to deliver some additional charges to share their account with other users. Is it only for the non-premium plans or for communicating with the non-household users in the premium plans? The company also revealed that it will not provide this service in some countries like India, where the company recently slashed its subscription prices.

Netflix plans in India begin at Rs. 149 per month for the mobile-only plan, and the essential cost of the plan is Rs. 199 per month to watch on multiple devices. The premium plan of the company allows up to 4 devices at once, and it costs around 649 per month. The excellent plan is the costliest in the country by Netflix.

Will I Lose My Netflix Access?

It depends if you are the account owner and you keep your netflix account, then you have to set your location as the primary location for the account. By this, the rest of your household will be able to access it as well. So, if you are living in the same house as the account owner, then you can access it safely.

Also, if you are using someone’s account who doesn’t live with you, then you will be faced with losing account access or might be digging into your pocket for your subscription as well.

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Final Verdict

So, this is all the information belonging to Netflix password sharing India. We hope that this article clears up everything about Netflix’s password-sharing guidelines. If yes, then share this article with others so that they can also go through Netflix’s latest guidelines.


Will I Lose My Watch History If I Make a New Netflix Account?

No. If you start your membership, then Netflix says that you will be able to transfer your whole profile, including your watchlist, streaming history, and much more.

Do the Netflix password changes mean I cannot use my ex’s account?

Yes, even if you have a strong relationship with your ex, you can’t be able to access their netflix account if you are not living with her under the same roof.

Can I Use a VPN to access a Netflix Account?

Yes, you can use a VPN to access your Netflix account. Using a VPN will simply make your network look like it is connected to Netflix and different from your actual location.

What TV shows and movies can I watch on Netflix through a VPN?

You can access all the Netflix TV shows and movies available in its database, like Stranger Things and Squid Game. If you are unable to see some TV shows or movies that are available in your country, then you are required to turn off the VPN.

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