Games are good for entertainment & killing time. In this post, we cover best puzzle games online.

The best puzzle games online for android & ios

Let’s discuss most played puzzle games online and they are

1. 2048
2048 video game is another really simple puzzle game available online. You travel on a 4×4 grid of numbered tiles in 2048. When pushed into the same location, tiles with the same number mix and add up.
Goal of the game is to merge tiles until you get one that adds up to 2048 without running out of room. As the grid keeps becoming bigger and bigger.

2048 is available for play on website and can be downloaded for free from Google Play or Apple App Stores.

2. Wordle

Wordle has become an important part of millions of people’s everyday routines. As it has captured the attention of millions of people since its release in October 2021.
They releases a new puzzle every day. The six-try limit is to guess the five-letter word. With every guess, the correct letters in the right places will be shown in green.

In the meantime, letters that are not part of the word at all will turn grey. And letters that are part of the word but aren’t in the appropriate location will turn yellow.

The game’s accessibility and simplicity are definitely responsible for its massive appeal and for uniting so many people.

puzzle games online

You can use a computer or a smartphone to access the Wordle website and try out this game.

3. Online jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzle completion is enjoyable for playing. And there are many joys and health advantages to we get by completing puzzles online

Every day, Jigsaw Explorer provides plenty of entertaining puzzles to solve online. There are jigsaw puzzles with varying degrees of complexity. And mystery puzzles that only show you a part of the entire image before you start.

On Google Play or the Apple App Stores, Magic Jigsaw Puzzles provides a clear and basic jigsaw-solving experience. Especially for those who prefer to use their smartphones or tablets for puzzle-solving. The app gives 100’s of puzzles for free. And also adds new puzzle every month. But if you want you can buy additional puzzle packs.

4. Words With Friends 2

Words With Friends 2 is an online multiplayer word game similar to Scrabble where players compete to score most points.
Using the word tiles you are given, you create the longest and complex words possible on a crossword-style game board.
Words With Friends 2 has gained popularity since its launch in 2009. And has become as the preferred online competitive word puzzle game. It’s a wonderful way to remain in touch with distant friends and relatives.

You may play Words With Friends 2 on their website. Or by downloading the app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

5. Peak
Peak is an app for brain training that offers quick bursts of mental activity. Improving concentration, memory, problem-solving skills, and mental agility are the main goals of every game or exercise.

Along with tracking your success and providing you with fresh challenges through games, motivational coach tool helps in your goal-achieving.

Peak was developed in partnership with experts who are researching the neurological effects of video games. So it’s hardly surprising that it received awards like ‘Editor’s Choice’ and ‘Best of Year’ from GooglePlay and App Stores.

While Peak can be played for free, there is a premium subscription available for more features. You can get Peak for free from the Google Play or Apple App Stores

6. Chess Light

Chess Light is a creative game. It has the objective to solve a variety of puzzles using chess pieces on small, differently-shaped cutout chess boards. It’s more of an inspired game than a genuine chess app.

It can be difficult. But the goal is to place your piece on every available space on the board to light them up.

Chess Light is similar to numerous other chess puzzles on, but it calls for a unique kind of creativity.
Chess Light is available for free download on the Google Play and Apple App Stores

7. Classic newspaper puzzles

It is one of the traditional newspaper brainteasers puzzle games online. And in a format that is much more convenient.

If you enjoy playing sudoku and crossword puzzles. You can play The Guardian’s cryptic, popular crosswords and killer sudoku puzzles for free on their website.

You can get the Guardian Puzzle App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can access every puzzle in the collection with a paid subscription. But the free version is updated daily with new crossword and sudoku puzzles.

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8. Brain It On

In the physics-based puzzle game.  Your goal is to design your own shapes to interact with the things on the screen to complete various objectives.

This game will definitely test your brain. Because each level has several possible answers. And the shape and weight of your artwork will be crucial for your success.

Brain It On is available for free download from the Google Play or Apple App Stores.

9. Hocus

Hocus is an optical illusion puzzle games online inspired by M.C. Escher artwork.
The goal of this game is to transfer your red shape to the red finish tile. This can seem basic enough. But it may not be as simple as you think to navigate these impossibly shaped areas.

You can get hocus for free from Google Play or for £1.99 from the Apple App Stores. It costs £0.79 on the PC through the Steam video game store.


We hope you found suitable puzzle games online for yourself through this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Name some puzzle games online free?

Ans: Hurdle, Sudoku, The Daily Jigshaw

Q2: What are some Puzzle games for mobile free?

Ans: Threes, Two Dots

Q3: Where to get Puzzle games for mobile download?

Ans: From playstore & appstore

Q4: What is Best puzzle games for mobile?

Ans: Mini Metro

Q5: What is best puzzle games for adults?

Ans: Sudoku

Q6: What are some puzzle games for mobile offline?

Ans: Hitman Go, Limbo

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