The appearance of portable THE LIGHTEST GAMING MICE IN 2023 in recent years has benefited players. These incredibly light gaming accessories offer several benefits that their heavier rivals cannot. Being lightweight makes it easier for you to move the mouse without getting tired, reducing your risk of suffering from a repetitive strain injury.

Additionally, because they weigh less than 80g, a player may move more quickly and with greater control because they feel like a natural extension of their hand. They are consequently more suitable for gaming, particularly in first-person shooter games that are quick-paced. To conquer the leaderboards, several professional gamers and game streamers use ultra-lightweight mice.

Several types of lightest gaming mice:

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  1. Razer Viper V2 Pro

You’ll struggle to find a lighter gaming mouse than the Razer Viper V2 Pro, which weighs only 58g. Given that it is a member of the Razer Viper family, you are aware that this mouse offers pro-level performance thanks to its programmable 30,000 maximum DPI and 750 maximum IPS for unbelievably good tracking. You may even do flick shots in FPS with 70G acceleration, which will help you easily defeat the opposition.

The Razer Viper V2 Pro offers a quick, low-latency connection and has an 80-hour battery life while remaining lightweight while being wireless. Despite its small size, it has five customizable buttons, which should be sufficient for most users and the ideal number for esports.

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  • Roccat Burst Core

The Roccat Burst Core proves that affordable does not necessarily mean inferior. For more recreational gamers who don’t need pro-level speeds or don’t want to spend a lot of money on something they won’t use, this $35 solution is a great option.

The Titan optical switch and the PixArt PMW3331 optical sensor inside make it as swift and accurate as its high-end rivals. It is also entertaining and comfortable to use. Simply put, it lowers the price of accessories like RGB lighting and very high DPI. 8,500 DPI is still more than enough to get any gamer through the most recent shooters.

  • Cooler Master MM720

The Cooler Master MM270 appears to defy gravity and the laws of physics at 49g. The thinnest and lightest gaming mouse we’ve ever tested, it’s virtually pancake-thin and allows for swift, fluid movements as well as quick, precise activation with its optical switches and sensor.

  • While this is going on, Cooler Master is maximizing that honeycomb shell by inserting two RGB LED zones inside, each of which can be customized with a selection of five distinct lighting presets. The greatest benefit is that you can purchase everything mentioned for about $50!
  • Logitech G Pro X Superlight

If you looking for a wireless gaming mouse may find the Logitech G Pro X Superlight to be an appealing alternative because of its clever and stylish design. However, there is more to it than what first appears. Despite looking and feeling sturdy, it is still remarkably light, in large part because of Logitech’s Hero 25K sensor, which also provides an insanely quick response time and pinpoint accuracy.

Also, if you’re worried about how many gaming accessories you’ve accumulated, this device is carbon-neutral. The lack of RGB lighting and a specialized DPI button here is disappointing given the price, but the 25,600 DPI alone makes up for it.

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  • Roccat Kone Pro

The Roccat Kone Pro represents a product we have come ready for from the manufacturer because Roccat is no stranger to high-end optical gaming peripherals packed with a powerful feature set. This connected, lightweight choice from Roccat features the Titan Switch, which is incredibly responsive, the Titan Wheel Pro Scroll, which is flawlessly accomplished, and the Owl-Eye 19K DPI optical sensor, which is so smooth and accurate that it seems to be creating a work of art on your mouse pad.

There is more to admire about this product, though. The ergonomically supporting shape, the transparent honeycomb layout, and the AIMO RGB lighting that shines through the bionic shell’s smooth-to-touch exterior are all noteworthy features. It’s also shockingly less expensive than it appears to be.


All of these mice have outstanding performance and features, although they vary in terms of weight, design, sensor performance, and features. The needs and preferences unique to you should be taken into account when selecting a lightweight gaming mouse. The Razer Viper V2 Pro is your best choice if you’re seeking the lightest wireless gaming mouse conceivable. The mouse that fits your hand the most comfortably and provides the features and performance you require is ultimately the finest lightweight gaming mouse for you.

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