It’s difficult to choose best heatmap software solution when there are so many options available. In this post, we discuss Best Heatmap Software in 2024

What is Heatmap Software?

Heatmapping software are digital tools for analyzing user behaviour. Based on it they provide visual representation of user activity on your website/app. With it, data analysts, user-experience researchers, web designers, and marketing people can discover patterns in behavior of their target audience. And recommend areas for development.

Some of the Best Heatmap Software in 2024

There are many Best Heatmap Software in 2024. We will cover some of the best heatmap software tools here and they are


It is best heat mapping tool for mobile apps, has free trial for 30 days and monthly subscription at $55/month

A qualitative analytics tool called Smartlook can help you in understanding user behavior. You can use it to create heatmaps for your mobile apps. And find areas of weakness and improve the in-app experience.

Key Features

You can record your screen data in several ways.


  • Provides complete information on the use of mobile apps
  • works with the majority of app development frameworks
  • allows you to view real-time user behavior with your product


  • Bulk data export can be challenging.
  • There is scope for further customization in reports.


It is best for multi-dimensional behavior insights, has free trial for 15 days and monthly subscription at $59/month

With help of product experience insights platform Hotjar, you can monitor and analyze user behavior on your website/app. The tool combines several factors to give you an immense amount of information on the behavior of your users.

Key Features

Heatmaps, visitor records, conversion funnels, and tools for gathering feedback are its key features.  


  • Combines a number of features to get user insights
  • keeps track of mouse clicks and hovers
  • Excellent onboarding experience for users


  • Can negatively impact how well your website performs.
  • Pricing systems might be confusing.


It is best for first-click analysis, has free trial for 14 days and monthly subscription at $32/month

Plerdy is an SEO and CRO platform that helps you raise search engine ranking and conversion rate of your website. With help of this tool, you can examine how users from various channels behave and adjust their browsing experience accordingly.

Key Features

Its key features, include click sequences, scroll depth, and first-click analysis.


  • A vast video library for training
  • Suitable for A/B testing
  • Platform is updated and improved regularly.


  • The UI may seem complicated to new users.
  • Sometimes it’s challenging to locate the desired feature.


It is best for AI-driven recommendations, gives free demo.

Glassbox is a digital experience and analytics tool that helps you better understand your audience’s challenges and simplify their journey. The software helps you find areas where your conversion funnels are lacking strength and provides AI-driven suggestions to strengthen them.

Key Features
Its key features are audience segmentation, zone analysis, Interaction maps, A/B testing analysis and scroll depth heatmaps.


  • Excellent at monitoring and interpreting unique user experiences
  • Helpful AI-powered suggestions
  • A clear and simple user interface


  • It can be difficult for new users to configure the program for A/B testing.
  • Price details are opaque.

Lucky Orange

It is Best Heatmap Software in 2024 for element analytics, has free trial for 7 days. And monthly subscription at $18/month

Lucky Orange is conversion improvement tool that creates live heatmaps of your users’ actions. The program has a number of features that let you interact with Consumers in real-time and understand their needs.

Key Features
Dynamic heatmaps and element analytics are its key features.


  • Economical solution
  • Effective event filters
  • You can actively interact with website visitors using live chat.


  • The analytics might be more detailed.
  • The interface occasionally feels messy.


It is among the best heatmap tools for customizing PPC campaigns, has free trial for 14 days. And monthly subscription at $39/month

It is a behavior analytics tool that can assist you in understanding what happens when visitor visits on your website. By using the service, you can find out where your most active users are located geographically. That will help you with funnel analysis and PPC campaign optimization.

Key Features
its key features are click maps, movement heatmaps, and tools for measuring user involvement.


  • Important moments are automatically highlighted on screen recordings.
  • Strong user segmentation abilities
  • Frustration scores help you in locating important user recordings.


  • Since all of your user session replays are kept in one folder, finding them can be challenging.
  • Better onboarding can be implemented
Best heatmap software in 2024


It is best for frustration signals tracking, has free trial for 14 days and monthly subscription at $199/month

With Fullstory, you can assess how well your product is designed for user interactions. Through its analysis of digital experiences and user behavior. To improve user experience, the tool assists you in identifying potential problematic areas that your users can encounter when traveling.

Key Features
Scroll depth heatmaps, click heatmaps, session recordings, and funnel monitoring are its key features


  • Supports the finding of important session recordings
  • helps in finding flaws and mistakes in the design
  • excellent in gathering information and drawing conclusions


  • The website does not display prices.
  • steep learning curve


It is Best Heatmap Software in 2024 for user segmentation, has free trial for 30 days. And monthly subscription at $173/month

VWO is a platform for web testing and conversion rate optimization (CRO) that helps in improving client experiences you offer. You can design unique views for user segments using the application by using custom triggers and criteria.

Key Features
Notable features are real-time tracking, in-session notes, and shareable user sessions.


  • In depth reports
  • Excellent ability to segment users
  • Reports can be shared and connected to certain sessions.


  • steep learning curve
  • Sometimes the UI feels complicated.

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Now you know all the Best Heatmap Software in 2024. Considering these factors carefully will help you select a heatmap tool online that matches your objectives.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: What are some heat map software for wifi?

Ans: NetSpot, Ekahau Product Suite.

Q2: Names of heat map software free?

Ans: Mouseflow, fullstory.

Q3: What is a website heatmap tool?

Ans: It helps us to understand how visitors interact with web-pages

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