If you are aching for some nostalgia and the Genesis as per your choice of flavor, then we think that you will be able to enjoy the best SEGA Genesis emulator for Android. You need to know that most of these will work with the mega drive games, and some of them will work with the SEGA CD, SEGA Mark III, and also the SEGA Master System as well. If you want to know more, then here we are sharing a complete list of some of the best Sega Genesis emulators on Android. So, please read this article till the end to know more details about it.

Best Sega Genesis Emulator On Android

Best Sega Genesis Emulator On Android

Here, we are sharing a list of some of the best Sega Genesis emulators for Android that you need to know. Check out the complete list given below.

  • ClassicBoy
  • Lemuroid
  • MasterEmu
  • MD.emu
  • RetroArch

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Details About Best Sega Genesis Emulator On Android

Check out the details of the above given Sega Genesis emulator to know more about them in a detailed manner.

ClassicBoy Pro

ClassicBoy gold bills itself as one of the all types of emulators. It simply supports the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and NES, and also three different games as well like Game Boys and SEGA Genesis. The emulator also seems to work well, as per our simple testing. Also, most of the users’ reviews are positive, and the features mainly include local multiplayer support, a customizable gamepad layout, and the usual stuff, such as save and load states. It is one of the best options for those people who are willing to get more than just SEGA Genesis emulators.


Lemuroid is one of the all-in-one emulator platforms which is quite similar to the RetroArch. Both of them use the Libretro cores for emulation, which means that the boat can be able to emulate multiple systems. It is user-friendly, as the setup and UP are pretty clean. The emulator is also good, and it supports the hardware controllers, saves the states, loads the states, and cheat codes as well. It also features the same type of support as the RetroArch, as they use the same SEGA emulator. It is entirely free and works so well, and it is also lovely you want to try out the other system.


MasterEmu is one of the latest emulators on the Google Play. It is one of the Sega emulators that comes up with the master drive and game gear support. There are lots of exciting features as well, like Android TV support, hardware controller support awe, some game support, and much more. It is one of the early emulators from the new developer, and there are some bugs as well. There is also a free and pro version as well, but the pro version is not free, and we don’t have lots of complaints about it as well.


MD.emu is the best solution for those who are looking for the SEGA Genesis emulator. It is one of the open-source projects based on the best SEGA Genesis emulator. It mainly works with the SEGA Genesis and mega drive games, and it makes it one of the versatile emulators. It also has a long list of features like hardware controller support, support for the cheat codes, auto-save, and support for several control setups as well.


Retroarch is a multi-emulator app that simply supports many systems. SEGA is one of them, and the app also supports the master drive, Genesis, Sega CD, Game gear, and the 32X in total so that it works well for all your needs. It has configurable control and features like cheat codes, load states, and much more. The compatibility of this emulator is so well, and it is one of the best options for you if you are willing to explore more than one emulator at a time.

best sega genesis emulator

SEGA Forever Games

SEGA launched its retro games on Google Play. It also includes games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Gunster Heroes, Altered Beast, Streets of Rage, and much more. It is also possible to play lots of your old favorites without using emulation. The game also fears the original mechanics but also has touch controls as well. It is perfect to support the retro gaming community and encourage the SEGA to work well simply. It is good to check out Google Play for your favorite SEGA games as you are required to emulator for them.

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What is the Best Sega Emulator for Android?

Emu is one of the best solutions for the SEGA Genesis emulator. It is one of the open-source projects based on the other SEGA Genesis emulators. It works with the SEGA Genesis or Mega drive games. It makes it one of the most versatile emulators in the group.

What is the Most Accurate Genesis Emulator?

BlastEm is one of the open-source and accurate emulators for Genesis, which simply runs on modest hardware. It is one of the first emulators to run the Titan’s impressive Overdrive 2 demo.

What is the Maximum ROM Size for the Sega Genesis?

The maximum storage size for the genesis cartridges is 4 MB. It was released in 1982, and the Atari 4200 boasts cartridges with massive storage space. The Neo Geo AES cartridges have a space of up to 111.5 MB.

Final Verdict

Finally, in this article, we have covered all the best Sega Genesis emulators on Android. You can use any of these emulator simply and easily. If this article is helpful for you to know about the Sega Genesis emulator Android free download, then do share this article with others so that they can benefit from it. Also, if you have any questions or queries about this article, then feel free to connect with us by using the comment section below.

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