Best PC Shooters for 2024: P.C. games come up in several types of entertainment, like strategy games. The puzzle games simply scratch a similar itch but mainly with the twitchy, lock-dropping, off-the-item shifting challenges. The shooter is one of the popular genres that simply tests your ability to keep blasting until you see that the enemies will reduced to pulp.

The shooters mainly come up in two forms, like the first person or the third person. The first-person shooters are a more immersive gaming experience as the game that you are playing will simply unfold from the perspective.

best shooter games pc

Best P.C. Shooters for 2024

Here, we are going to share a list of some of the best PC shooters for 2024, which we split into two sections. First, we talk about some of the fantastic new shooters that were released this year, and then we will take a look at some older shooters that received the updates and also support in 2024 as nicely.

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The New Stuff

I think that I am singing the praise of this game, which is like we wrap up 2023, but I am pretty happy to do this again and again. El Paso is one of the third-person best shooter games pc, which gives the feel of playing Max Payne’s fan port on the PS1, which is modded with weird monsters and has creepy angels as well. In simple words, it is perfect, and also it is one of my favorite games as well.

The Finals

In recent years, I really lost interest in lots of online PC shooters as they are so focused on realism or battle royale gameplay. The finals are one of the refreshing and friendly reminders that offer the fun, courageous, and destructive action that is viable nowadays, and even if there is no ring to outrun the 99 players, simply take it out. I really enjoy the game show theme, which presents the money-grabbing gameplay.

Warhammer 40k: Boltgun

Warhammer 40k: Boltgun is one of my favorites in 2024, and I am not a bug w40k guy, but I can’t deny that the pixelated combat and chainsaw killing in the Boltgiun is the blush. The shotgun in this game is known as the chef’s kiss emoji, and in previous years, it ended up as one of my top 10 lists, but the year 2023 was too stacked.


When I first saw the Sprawl by way of a random Reddit post, I couldn’t run to Steam fast enough to download it simply, and the bou I was really disappointed. This game not only provides some Killzone meets a ghost in the shell aesthetic, which I love to death but also combines the wall running with the bullet time in a very highly satisfying manner. The retro styling of its graphics will remind you of the simple time when you lost yourself in an engaging shooter for some hours, and then you beat it and get the itch to get back and try again simply.

Remnant II

I told you that I liked the first Remnant game, but now I have fallen off and never completed it. I am glad that I checked it out this year and played it a lot like the first one with the splendid mis of the third-person melee combat and with its responsive gameplay and dark souls-like progression, but everything will feel and sound better.

It also reminds me of the first Assassin’s Creed and its sequel. The first game was so good, but in retrospect, it felt like the prototype for the sequel. I am so excited to play Remnant II more and more and also waiting for its future entries into the series.

Battlebit Remastered

It may look like something from the Roblox, but the battle it remastered is one of the best PC shooters in 2024, even if it is not a part of the franchise. Like the E.A.’s battlefield, it is one of the first-person military shooters built around big maps, has substantial player counts, and has lots of wild action as well.

While the battlefield struggled with everything to everyone alone, it lost the focus to deliver solid F.P.S. combat and chaos. Battlebit is here simply to pick up the reins, provide a low-res spin on the bombastic, and have simple combat, which will make the battlefield game so good.

Best PC Shooters for 2024

Trepang 2

Trepand 2 is like the F.E.A.R. and features intelligent A.I. and heavy guns, which sound so dangerous. It also has lots of mundane spaces to riddle up with the bullet holes simply. All thanks to the decade play of evolution, Trepand 2 really feels faster, snappier, and seems more impressive by providing a kick-ass F.P.S., which will simply make you feel like what John Wick feels during his cinematic shootouts.

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Can I Play These Games On My Low-End P.C.?

Yes, all the games are optimized to run smoothly on the low-end P.C. without compromising the gaming experience.

Are all these games safe to download and play?

Yes, these games are mainly developed by reputable companies and are also safe to download and play. It is perfect to download the games from their official source to avoid any type of security risk.

What is the Best Free Games for Low-End P.C.?

One of the best free games for the low-end P.C. is the space defender by the Jagram Play. It provides a competitive tactic, smoother gameplay, and runs fine on less powerful systems and browsers.

Do I Need An Internet Connection to Play These Games?

Most of the games are online multiplayer, and an internet connection is required to enjoy and get the proper gaming experience.

What Shooter Games Should I Play On PC for Free?

Some of the best pc shooters for 2024 free games on the low-end P.C.s generally include Team Fortress 2, C.S. Go, Guns and Bottles, Space Defender, and Paladins. These games provide several genres and can easily be enjoyed on less powerful hardware.

Final Verdict

These are some of the best P.C. shooters for 2024. So, by sharing this detailed guide, we hope that you have collected enough information that will satisfy you, help you to solve your query, and give you a proper answer to your question. If this article becomes helpful and useful for you, then share this article with others so that they can be able to take the benefits from it.

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