A lot of us have storage issues with our phones, laptops, gaming consoles, or cameras. There are various options for additional storage, ranging from USB flash drives that are portable to high-capacity external hard drives. However, a microSD card is typically the best option if you want to increase the storage on your mobile device. This post covers best microSD cards for various devices.


Factors to look while choosing a microSD card

  • Storage capacity

Make an effort to figure out your capacity requirements. Additionally, you need to be cautious of device compatibility. What matters is not if it accepts microSD cards or not, rather what kind of card you can use. Certain phones particularly the incredibly cheap ones may only accept microSD cards with a 32GB maximum capacity.

  • Compatibility

Expandable storage was discontinued by the majority of smartphone manufacturers a few years ago, especially with flagship models. Even though this much-desired function has returned, some phones lack the ability to extend storage. To be sure the phone you wish to purchase is available, check its specifications.

  • Card type

Low-capacity microSDHC cards range from 4GB to 32GB. Conversely, MicroSDXC cards provide capacities ranging from 64GB to 1TB. MicroSDHC cards may be the only ones supported by an extremely cheap phone or a much older gadge. But, you don’t need to worry about the type of card.

  • Speed class

MicroSD card write rates are displayed using speed classes. It may be two, four, six, ten, and more. Here, the number (2 = 2MB/s) denotes the minimum write speed. Although faster is preferable, their cost is higher.Class 10 and lower are no longer worthy of consideration. Your smartphone should ideally use a class 10 U1 microSD card.

  • Video speed class

Typically, a microSD card’s video speed class is indicated by a V and a number. Thus, a minimum write speed of 30MB/s will be supported by a V30 card. Video speed class ratings for V6, V10, V30, V60, and V90 are available. In addition, cards with video speed class labels work with high-definition, 4K, 8K, 3D, 360-degree. And with virtual reality video resolutions.

Depending on what your smartphone is capable of, you could need one. Nonetheless, for the majority of DSLRs, action cameras, and drones, a card with a video speed class rating is required.

  • UHS Bus Speed

UHS Bus Speed is another speed rating parameter. You can find I or II inscribed on the majority of microSD cards. In addition to having a modified pin arrangement on the back of the card, UHS-II delivers significantly faster speed rates.

  • App performance class

It implies the card can open and process applications rapidly. The card has the label A1 or A2. The A2 rating offers two times more read and write speeds than A1.

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Best microSD Cards of 2024

1. Samsung Pro Plus microSD Card (512 GB)

In the category of microSDXC cards, the Samsung Pro Plus is the fastest card and suitable for most users. It offers plenty of storage to smartphones, gaming systems, tablets, and action cameras. It may also be used as the boot drive or storage for a kit PC like the Raspberry Pi. It is fast enough to store 1080p, 4K, and even up to 5K video in drones. You can fit a sizable game library on the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck with 512 GB of storage.

2. Samsung Pro Plus (128GB)

High-performance microSD cards like the Samsung Pro Plus are good for gaming consoles, tablets, and cameras. It is rated U3, V30, and A2, and its write speeds are approximately 130 MB/s. Even though its read speed is just about 165 MB, it provides excellent value given its speed. Prices were originally $19 (128GB), $30 (256GB), and $60 (512GB), but recent sales have drastically lowered those numbers. The Pro Plus is covered by a limited 10-year warranty.

3. SanDisk MicroSDXC card

There are several storage capacities available for the SanDisk microSDXC Card for Nintendo Switch. It is for those who want to download and play Nintendo’s primary titles solely. As well as for those interested in becoming drone pilots, adding storage to security cameras. And playing video games for the first time on a Nintendo Switch.

Best SD card for android phone

1. Samsung EVO Select

Storage Options:

32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB are among the capacities that are available.

Speed Classes:

Class 10 certified and offering UHS-I U3 speed class, the Samsung EVO Select reads and writes quickly. Hence, making it ideal for 4K UHD video recording and speedy data transfers.

Use Cases: 

The EVO Select gets widely known for its dependability. It is a flexible option for a range of gadgets, including cellphones, cameras, drones. And other applications where quick and reliable performance is essential.

2. SanDisk Extreme

Storage Options:

The SanDisk Extreme comes in 32GB and 1TB capacities.

Speed Classes:

With UHS-I U3 and V30 speed ratings, this microSD card may get used for high-speed data transfer. And also for 4K UHD video recording.

Use Cases:

For action cameras, smartphones, and other devices where customers need high-performance storage. So that they can manage challenging operations like continuous burst photography and high-definition video recording.

3. Lexar Professional 1066x

Storage Options:

32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB are among the capacities that are available.

Speed Classes: 

With a UHS-I (U3) and V30 speed rating, this microSD card is well-known for its high-speed performance. As such, it can be used for quick data transfers and high-resolution video recording.

Use Cases: 

The Lexar Professional 1066x is a dependable tool for rapidly collecting and transmitting huge media files. Thereby, making it the perfect choice for professional photographers and videographers.


4. PNY Pro Elite

Storage Options: 

There are four distinct storage sizes for the PNY Pro Elite: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

Speed Classes:

With its UHS-I U3 speed class design, it can get used for high-speed data transfer and 4K video recording.

Use Cases:

If you need quick and dependable storage for action cameras, drones, cellphones, and other gadgets, its’ a great option.


We covered in detail about best microSD cards in our post. Now you have sufficient info to make the best choice of SD cards for your devices

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Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is the most storage a microSD card can hold?

Ans: 2TB

Q2: How much time does a microSD last?

Ans: SD cards are meant for data storage and have a minimum 10-year lifespan.

Q3: What devices use microSD cards?

Ans: Digital cameras, tablets, smartphones and portable gaming consoles.

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