iPhone tripod will make it easy to get the stabilized and pro-level photo and video content for selfies, TikTok videos, or going live. Having the iPhone on the tripod means you don’t need to fret about your finger covering the camera lens or the mic when filming. So, if you want a better-quality tripod, we will share some of the best iPhone tripods.

best iphone tripods

Best iPhone Tripods: Reviews and Recommendations

Here, we will share some of the best iPhone tripods you can use. Also, we are sharing their reviews and some of the popular recommendations that will help you get the best tripod based on your needs.

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1. JOBY GorillaPod

Joby has been setting the standards for compact, flexible tripods for a long time, and it is the phone tripod only. Also, this model comes up with two cold shoe mounts so that the users can attach the external microphone and light, which is suitable for shooting a video or capturing selfies even late at night.

The JOBY brand is famous for designing tripods with unique legs that can quickly wrap virtually anything to capture exciting things when shooting. It is all-in-one. It is one of the most expensive options available in the market, but if you are searching for the best iPhone tripods of 2024 with added versatility, it is one of the best options.


  • It offers flexible legs to get attached anywhere easily.
  • Sturdy build
  • Customizable
  • It is a tool that also has lights and a mic.


  • It is not compatible with the larger smartphones.
  • It is expensive as well.

2. Peak Design Mobile Tripod

It is one of the pocket-sized magnetic tripods which is quite the smallest on the market, making it easy to slide into the pocket or bag without removing it from the phone. Peak design mobile tripod is made of machined and anodized aluminium and has excellent feet to dampen the vibrations during use. It also attaches magnets to your iPhone, making switching between landscape and portrait modes easy. It also comes with an embedded tool, which helps you adjust the ball head tension and the pouch for storage.


  • It comes in a pocket-sized design.
  • It also builds up so durable.
  • It also has an adjustable ball head.


  • It must also be used with the peak design or MagSafe cases.

3. UBeesize Tripod S

UBeesize tripod S is a budget finely tripod with flexible legs, a universal smartphone mount, and a wireless remote to capture excellent selfies. If you are searching for a bare-bones product to support your iPhone, then the UBeesize tripod is one of the budget-friendly options for you.

The UBeesize tripod is one of the best tripod for iPhone travel, which also offers versatile, flexible legs and a wireless remote to capture selfies, but that is the extent of the advanced features you can find.


  • It is inexpensive.
  • It is flexible with octopus-style legs.
  • It also has a metal ball joint.


  • The phone mount is less durable.

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best iphone tripods of 2024


How Much Does an iPhone Tripod Cost?

The iPhone tripod will cost you anywhere from $15 to $170, depending on the build quality, features and size. The iPhone tripod comprises camera accessories brands like Peak Design, Manfrotto or JOBY, which will cost you more than the products the UBeesize or Neewer manufactures.

Are iPhone Tripods Worth It?

An iPhone tripod will make it easy to shoot stable footage and allow users to go hands-free. For many TikTok creators, having a good tripod for the iPhone is crucial as the quality ring light helps them make their online content. Also, if you are willing to watch other people’s streaming content, then a “best tripod for iPhone India” will keep your screen stable and help you not wear out your hand from holding the phone for an extended period.

When Should You Use A Tripod With Your iPhone?

An iPhone tripod is one of the best options for capturing stylized video footage. Still, it is also one of the helpful tools for capturing more professional-looking self-portraits. Also, using a tripod instead of stretching your arm in front of you will help your iPhone content to be more professional and polished.

What is the Best Tripod for iPhones?

The best iPhone tripod depends upon many things, like what you are shooting and where. The best iPhone tripod for the content creator focusing mainly on travel and adventure will differ from those highlighting the dance moves at home.

Final Verdict

The online market has many low-cost iPhone tripods, but if you spend a little more means, you will end up with a product that will last longer. Before buying an iPhone tripod, consider how you plan to use it. If most of the shooting gets done at the studio or home, then a desktop tripod or a low-cost option will be good for you.

Also, if you are doing most of the shooting outside, a rugged option and the ability to attach the additional accessories will be better for you. Also, an iPhone tripod helps you easily create hands-free and stable content.

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