Best AR Apps for Education in 2024: Education is always looking out for innovative methods to improve the learning of kids. After all, it is about simplifying the presentation of complex details. In terms of doing this, we moved up from paper pens and chalkboards to practical demonstrations. It may not be feasible to demonstrate all the things, but imagine that you are willing to show the intricacies of heart function to the kids or want them to travel in time to a place for the importance of history or feel the severity of the bomb attack into a war setting.

AR apps for education are doing away with all these limitations in an efficient manner so that you will not embrace adding them into your learning process. With the help of some of the best AR apps for education in 2024, you can leverage the virtual settings to experience the things wich are not possible simply. Here, we are going to discuss some of the augmented reality apps for education, which are free and paid as well and help you to get the immersive experience of learning.

AR Apps for Education That Make Learning Immersive

Best ar apps for education free

In the past few years, augmented reality as technology has been picking up its adoption, mainly web-based augmented reality. We have seen a lot of fanbase for the apps, mainly in education. So, now have a look at some of the best ar apps for education free, which are created for learners and simplify and also enhance the learning content.

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Scifikids was introduced to simply provide a virtual learning experience for kids aged between 3 and 5 years. It mainly aims to make learning fun for young kids, and they have Android and IOS apps that are created in partnership with PlugXR. You can be able to install this app on your phone or tablet to provide your kids with experience with their course curriculum in 3D and augmented reality. You only have to buy their kits from Amazon, Snapdeal, or the official website.

The kit has the alphabet, and when you scan them from the Scifikids mobile app then, the objects will appear in 3D and AR. It is one of the coloring and best AR apps for education that allow your kids to fill the colors in drawings, and these are available to the kids that they provide. You can be able to use these colored drawings as markers to make the live-in 3D and AR experience simple.


The Wonderscope app is one of the iOS apps that will transform a place by simply adding up the 3D and AR content and making education interesting and interactive as well. They get lots of awards due to their innovative approach to upgrading learning. The limitation of this top AR apps for education is that you can only be able to access it on iPad or iPhone, which means on iOS only. Also, it doesn’t offer updates if they are coming up with the Android version.

CoSpace Edu

The main idea behind the CoSpace edu is not only to allow the students to consume AR content but also to allow them to create their own as well. This app mainly aims to empower students to become successful creators. An institution can be able to collaborate with them to simply integrate AR and other innovative stuff in their classroom, which merely enhances their learning experience and allows them to create 3D and AR projects easily without doing coding.


Quiver is one of the best AR apps for education in 2024, and it is mainly for younger students. It is a coloring app that allows the kids to become creative. When you install this “best ar apps for education in india” on your device then you are required to download trigger images. All your kid needs to do is simply fill in the color of the outlined drawings. Also, by pointing out the camera at the drawings, you can be able to see the objects in it, and animals, trees, balls, and whatnot come alive in 3D and in your space.

Assemble Edu

Best AR Apps for Education in 2024

Assemble edu simply helps institutions add some spark to their traditional classroom with interactive and immersive ideas of content. The educators can be able to recreate the academic content in AR and 3D. The teachers can create immersive content for the students to explore, and it also allows the students to become creators quickly. It provides a free basic plan and also a premium plan, which will give value to educators and students as well. So, if you want to explore the tech and want to put in a few bucks, then you can be able to try this free ar apps for education. It will become a starting point for you to simply get inspired before building your own.

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What is the Future of AR in Education?

AR easily gets used to provide real-life feedback to the students and also helps them to improve the concepts of their learning. VR also gets used to create virtual field trips to historical landmarks and natural wonders. It will also be used to create a virtual classroom for students who are not able to attend school.

What is the App for Augmented Reality for Education?

JigSpace is one of the AR apps that is mainly designed to create and share 3D or AR presentations. It has a user-friendly interface and doesn’t need complex 3D software knowledge as well. This app has more than 5 million downloads, and it is used all over the world for professional and educational presentations.

What Are AR Devices for Education?

Augmented reality services in education and training allow users to simply interact with virtual and real-time apps that easily explain and demonstrate the concept through multimedia, computer-based simulations, animations, and statistical software.

Final Verdict

With these best AR apps for education in 2024, you can be able to get an enhanced learning experience. You can give a try to any of these apps by which you can get immersive learning. Also, you can share these apps with others so that they can provide an immersive learning experience to their kids. In case of any query, you can use the comment section below.

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