best english grammar apps 2024

As you know, grammar is quite critical in terms of speaking fluently. For this, you have to start with the basics, but instead of the old high school grammar books, you have to simply turn these excellent English grammar apps. The best grammar apps for Android and iOS are quite interactive and help you to merely push all types of subjects, objects, and the fangling modifiers as well. So, if you are in search of some of the best english grammar apps in 2024, then you can check out this whole article to get to know about some of the best apps.

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LearnEnglish Grammer

The British Council is one of the best places to master English. Even if you are an English speaker, you can simply sharpen the nuances with the grammar app. Also, the top-ranked learning app will merely take you through the 25 grammar topics and also offer around 600 interactive activities and thousands of questions from the fill-in-the-blanks. This best english grammar apps free also provides lots of multiple-choice questions and word-matching riddles as well. Simply start it from where it suits you, as its lessons will cover four levels, which are beginner, elementary, intermediate, and advanced.

Johnny Grammer Word Challenge

As we already told you, the British Council will provide lots of apps to improve your English simply. You can simply pair the above app with the free and fun Johnny grammar word challenge app. Its 60-second quiz will merely test you on the standard English vocabulary, spelling, and grammar to simply help you shore up your conversational English. Its quizzes mainly cover the 12 grammar topics and also take you through the usages around restaurants, travel, small talk, hobbies, and much more. It is one of the best english grammar apps for students, which mainly relies on the global leaderboard and also the badges to motivate you simply.


We can be able to get lots of und on this site for the young grammar student. Grammar quizzes, songs, books, games, and also instructional videos help you to grasp the quirks of the eight parts of the speech. Also, the parts of the speech mainly come up alive with the animated characters like stars in the books, songs, videos, and lots of interactive games as well. You can also be able to use the website or the apps for the iOS. Also, this best english grammar apps for android offers a gamified app for learning punctuation and allows you to discover lots of things for free quickly.

ELSA Speak

Please use the mic of your phone with its advanced speech recognition technology for the lesson practice. Its small lessons will simply test your fluency and grammar on several topics based on real life. Also, it is one of the best app to improve english grammar which will tailor the lessons to your proficiency in American or British English. It also has more than 7,100 personalized activities from the daily lessons to test the prep. Also, it helps you to master the tricky sounds and the pronunciations to improve your grammar simply. Also, the app has three versions, which are free, pro, and premium. The premium version of the app is quite comprehensive and has an AI tutor, live speech analyzer, and guided practice for interviews, exams, and presentations. Its pro and premium versions provide plans of monthly subscriptions.


The Lingualeo app is one of the fun and personalized language learning platforms, and it is one of the best English grammar apps for non-native speakers in Russia, Turkey, Portugal, Brazil, and Poland as well. Its online language gamification service begins with Russian but has also expanded to some other regions as well. In terms of starting, you can take a test, and the app will generate the lesson plan for you automatically. You can simply continue your training with more than 12 vocabulary trainer courses, grammar exercises, thematic courses, videos, books, and articles. It is a english grammar app free download, but apart from this, all the lesson plans from beginner to advanced need a subscription.

Mad Libs

Best english grammar apps for students

Mad Libs is basically a popular word and grammar game, and the player prompts the other for the list of the words to simply substitute for the blanks into a story; the different clues in the game will challenge you to simply insert the parts of the speech in a sentence. Nothing will stop you from making up your own rules and creating wacky sentences as well. This free grammar apps for students game is relatively easy and anyone from any age can be able to play it. It is one of the fun and educational platforms for kids, and a teacher’s guide is also available on it if you are willing to take this in the classroom.

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What is the Best grammar app for English?

Grammarly is one of the popular apps for its desktop writing assistant. As a mobile grammar checker, the Grammerly Android and iPhone keyboard app will help you in a similar manner and also correct your writing as per your requirements.

Which is the No. 1 English Learning App?

Duolingo is one of the top-rated language learning apps, and there are more chances that you have used it already many times and maybe to learn more than one language.

Which Grammer App is Free?

Grammarly is one of the apps which is known for its writing assistance, and it provides grammar checks and explanations.

Is There Any English Grammer App?

LearnEnglish Grammer is one of the free grammar practice apps that is mainly designed to improve your English grammar accuracy. Also, this app provides 1000s of questions, which helps you to practice and reinforce English grammar skills.

Final Verdict

Installing the best English grammar app is one thing, but working on it regularly is another. One of the popular methods to do it is to simply learn something new and start using it in your conversation or writing. English is one of the accessible languages to remember merely. You can check out any of the above-given best english grammar apps 2024 to enhance your grammar. Do share this guide with others so that they can also benefit from it.

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