Recently, Fossil launched its new Gen 6 smartwatch, and here we will provide you with an in-depth Fossil smartwatch Gen 6 review. So, if you want to know more about it, you must keep reading this review till the end to understand it better.

Almost all the tech brand are building their wearable, but not all inspire confidence. When we talk about smartwatch products, there are only a few companies available on which people try to get the best value for the price. These brands include Apple, Fitbit, Fossil, and many more. Recently, Fossil came up with its Gen 6 smartwatch, and we got its leather editions of many versions of the Fossil Gen 6, which the company offers. I have been using the smartwatch for some time and love its looks. I like the watch with the circular dial and leather bands, and it is one of my favorites when we talk about its looks.

Google’s WearOS operating system powers it, and the Fossil smartwatch will get all the basics, but is it worth the price? Fossil Gen 6 comes up for Rs. 23,990.

Design and Build

Like the other Fossil watches, the Gen 6 also seems classy and has the best quality. Its venture edition olive fabric and leather edition mainly seem good with all your attire. The circular dial, along with the stainless steel, looks so elegant and classy. Also, it has three push buttons, and the middle one is for rotating, which allows you to move from one screen to another. Its leather finish offers a rough look, which I like.

The steam mainly comes up in the mixed shade of green and brown, and it seems so good. Also, I like that many buckle adjustment holes are available, which helps people with thin wrists. I find it touchy to find a watch that fits perfectly on my wrist, but it is one of them that will not disappoint.

Display and Setup

The display is quite good, and the Fossil Gen 6 men’s smartwatch provides a 1.28-inch colored AMOLED display. Its circular screen is significant, and you can easily read the texts and emails. One of the best things about this watch is that the text appears clearly even if you are in sunlight, and its touch works so well. The screen switches from one to another quickly and has no lag. Also, I miss that one can’t reply to these messages by the watch. The call alerts are also lou,d, but I didn’t need to shift to my phone to take the calls.

There are some areas for improvement, but the good thing is the setup process and the fact that the WearOS watch can connect with any phone, even with the iPhone. I also see the Fossil smartwatch with the iPhone 13 Pro and the OnePlus 10T 5G. It is perfect to see that the watch will work great with the iOS interface.

To connect the smartwatch with the iPhone, you must download Google’s wearOS app, find the watch, and simply connect it with the fossil watch on the list. By using WearOS, you can change the face of the watch as per your wish and also manage the tiles as per your need and ease.

Fossil smartwatch Gen 6 review

Performance and Battery

Many people don’t like the wear interface, but I don’t face as many issues with this device. The Fossil Gen 6 is mainly powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100+ processor, with 1GB RAM and 8GB of storage. It also provides smooth performance and battery life, which disappoints me slightly. To manage that, fossil added the fast charging support into it.

The Fossil Gen 6 also comes up with preloaded apps like Amazon Alexa for smartwatches, Google Assistant, Google Fit, Google Maps, Nike Run, Spotify, Smart Battery modes, and more.

Fossil Smartwatch Gen 6 Review: Should You Buy?

Fossil smartwatches have been on the premium side, and it is no exception. Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch price in India is Rs. 23,999, and Fossil gets many rights with this smartwatch. I think that the price is relatively high. The Fossil Gen 6 also has a good design and play. Also, the large and colorful screen is quite bright in all sections and works so nicely. Reading the messages, notifications, and emails on the watch is straightforward. It is also comfortable to wear for the whole day.

This smartwatch looks so classy with all types of attire. Apart from being a WearOS watch, it will get precise information about right, and the trackers are also accurate, which is still not accurate in many other smartwatches.


Is the Fossil Gen 6 Worth Buying?

If you are willing to get a watch that lasts longer and seems more traditional than standard smartwatches, then the Fossil Gen 6 women wellness edition is one of the best options.

Does Fossil Gen 6 have ECG?

Unlike its competitors, the Gen 6 doesn’t have an ECG, and it can’t be able to measure electrocardiograms.

What Does the Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch Do?

It can stay connected with notifications for calls, texts, apps, and the automatic time, time zone, calendar sync, and much more.

Is Fossil Gen 6 Waterproof?

The Fossil Gen 6 wellness editorial smartwatch is 3ATm water resistant. Also, its connectivity features, Bluetooth 5.0 LE, WiFi, GPS, and NFC, are available on the watch. Also, the smartwatch comes up with automatic workout detection, and it can quickly analyze sleep quality and history, monitor restfulness, and set sleep goals.

Final Verdict

If you like the design, you must go with the Fossil Smartwatch Gen 6. If you are not picky with the design, I think the Fitbit under Rs. 20,000 provides better value for money, and you have to opt for it.

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