OnePlus has made a name for itself in the smart TV market. And it did so by enticing customers with its stylish looks, innovative features, and affordable prices. This dedication to innovation is demonstrated by the OnePlus TV 43 inch. It provides an appealing combination of functionality and performance to appeal to a diverse user base.

OnePlus TV

Design and Aesthetics of OnePlus TV 43 Inch

With its bezel-free design and minimalist appearance, the OnePlus TV 43-inch easily integrates into any living area. It is a visually striking focal point that blends in with any décor. And that’s due to its sleek lines and slim profile, which radiate modernity and class. The TV’s sleek black appearance provides a touch of elegance, while its robust construction guarantees longevity.


With its 43-inch Full HD LED display, the OnePlus TV 43 Inch offers breathtaking graphics. The TV’s 1920×1080 pixel resolution displays amazing clarity and depth. And brings games, TV series, and movies to life with vivid colors and striking contrasts. Everyone in the room will be able to enjoy an immersive entertainment experience thanks to the TV’s wide viewing angles.

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This TV has a powerful GammaColor Engine, and a patented image processing engine. Both of them optimizes picture quality and improves watching experience that is at the heart of the OnePlus TV 43-inch. GammaColor Engine turns your living room into a theater by adjusting brightness, contrast, and color temperature to produce lifelike images.

Smart TV Functionality

OnePlus TV 43-inch offers multitude of capabilities that enhance your entertainment experience while integrating smoothly into current smart home. Android TV 11 makes the TV’s extensive app library, possible which includes productivity applications, games, and streaming services. It’s simple to locate and enjoy your favorite material thanks to the user-friendly navigation and intuitive UI.

OnePlus TV  43 inch


With its extensive networking possibilities, the OnePlus TV 43 Inch is sure to integrate seamlessly into your home network. For streaming media and using online services, dual-band Wi-Fi networking offers a strong and dependable connection. The TV also has three HDMI connections, so you can connect your gaming console, set-top box, or other accessories.


OnePlus TV 43-inch’s amazing images are complemented by an engrossing acoustic experience. TV’s 20W Dolby Audio speakers deliver rich, clear sound that fully immerses you in your preferred TV series/films, and songs. Dolby music technology produces cinematic soundtrack that reverberates throughout your living room by enhancing depth and clarity of the music.

Price and Availability

When it comes to performance and functionality, It is a great value, especially considering its affordable pricing. With a current price of ₹21,999 in India, this TV is a great choice for people on a tight budget. And those who want a high-quality smart TV experience on low budget.


If you want a smart TV that offers outstanding performance, engaging entertainment, and smooth integration into your connected home, then OnePlus TV 43 Inch is a compelling option. It is an excellent complement to any contemporary living room because of its elegant style, strong functions, and affordable pricing. This TV guarantees to surpass user expectations. And that’s regardless of your preferences for movies, games, or just a flexible TV for daily use.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1.Does the OnePlus TV require a stabilizer?

Ans: As little as 100–240V will suffice to power the OnePlus TV. However, if the variations are too noticeable, you can select a digital stabilizer with a minimum 3–4 second time delay.

Q2: Can we add apps to our OnePlus TV?

Ans: Yes. The best and most straightforward method is to download the APK on your phone and do Wireless Transfer to TV.

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