The objective of the hill-climbing car game Eggy Car is to go as far as you can without dropping the egg on top of the vehicle. The game offers a wide range of vehicles and tracks, each with special obstacles to overcome.

Eggy Car Unblocked

  • Play the game Eggy Car now to take control of adorable cars that have an egg on top.
  • Try to get your car and egg across the hills as quickly as you can, but drive carefully! In the driving game Eggy Car, you have to drive over uneven terrain while carrying eggs.
Eggy Car
  • It’s your job to drive, stay at a safe distance, and not smash the eggs. In this game, you must navigate challenging hilly roads while adjusting the safe distance and speed to prevent the egg from falling out of the car.
  • You will need to gather coins as you move to advance in rank. Always remember to remain composed and not rush to hold onto the egg for as long as you can.
  • Eggy Car is similar to a fast-paced, skill-based motor race that demands intense focus.
  • So concentrate on getting the most distant egg while you’re playing! Several appealing features are set up in this game to maximize your enjoyment and comfort.
Eggy Car

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Eggy Car app

The Eggy Car app is a smartphone game in which players regulate a car with an egg on the top. The object is to move the car as far as you can without letting the egg fall off. You can download the Eggy Car app for free from the App Store and Google Play Store. It has a 4.8-star rating on the Google Play Store and is classified as suitable for all users.


Using the arrow keys, you can steer the car in this game. The car is steered with the left and right arrow keys, and its speed is managed with the up and down arrow keys. To keep the egg from falling, the player must carefully drive the car over hills and other obstacles, being careful not to hit any bumps or shocks.

The game ends when the player drops the egg. But, by watching a video advertisement, the player can carry on with the game.

Eggy Car


There are many different cars in the game, and each one has special stats. While some cars have superior handling or suspension, others are faster. By accumulating coins or by making in-app purchases, the user can unlock new cars.


There are numerous tracks in the game, each with a distinct set of difficulties. While some tracks are smooth and flat, others are hilly and uneven. By acquiring coins or by making in-app purchases, the user may gain new tracks.


To aid them on their journey, the player can also gather a variety of power-ups from the game. While some power-ups improve handling or suspension, others give the player an increase in speed.

Tricks and suggestions

Here are some pointers and strategies to get you more in Eggy Car:

  • Move cautiously and slowly. Going slower and further is preferable to going quickly and collapsing.
  • Be mindful of the terrain. Steer clear of any bumps and hills that could drop the egg.
  • Make the most of your power-ups. You can have a big advantage over the opposition with power-ups.
  • Perfection comes from practice. You’ll get more adept at driving the car and navigating the tracks the more you play.


The player can take on a variety of different challenges in Eggy Car in addition to the main game mode. The level of difficulty of these challenges varies, and some have prizes like cash or brand-new cars.

In multiple-player mode

Additionally, Eggy Car has an online multiplayer mode where users can compete against one another. The option to race against friends or random opponents is available to the player.

Final Thoughts

Eggy Car is an entertaining and demanding game that is simple to pick up but tough to get the hang of. A multitude of diverse cars, tracks, and power-ups are included in the game, along with multiple challenges and a multiplayer option.

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