The mobile market in India is a thriving and dynamic environment where customer tastes and brand dynamics are always changing. Based on popularity and market share, top mobile brands in India as of December 2023 feature wide range of competitors. Lets’ examine their strengths, innovations, and market strategies that have driven them to forefront of Indian smartphone sector in depth. In this post we cover the topic of Best Mobile Brands in India.

Best Mobile Brands in India

List of Best Mobile Brands in India

Taking market share into consideration, lets’ discuss about the top mobile phone brand in India. And we will discuss them from the most sold mobile phone brand in India to least sold ones.


It is the most popular mobile brand in India, with a dominant 16% of the market. Vivo has managed to win over Indian customers with its cutting-edge camera technologies and solid mid-range market position. Vivo’s success majorly is due to its V and Y series. Those series provide reasonable prices, elegant designs, and remarkable camera capabilities. The appeal of the brand has been further enhanced by its strategic marketing strategies, which include high-profile collaborations and sponsorships.


In India, Samsung maintains a substantial 15% market share in spite of fierce competition. Samsung is well-known for its wide selection of products, which appeal to customers in different price ranges. Galaxy series, which includes flagship devices like Galaxy S and Note series, still gets associated with innovation and cutting-edge technology. Thanks to its strong offline presence and flexibility in responding to changing consumer demands. As a result of which it has successfully holden its place as one of the top mobile brands in India.


Realme has established itself as a major force in the Indian smartphone market with a 12% market share. The brand’s sharp price approach and emphasis on providing feature-rich smartphones are responsible for its quick rise to popularity. Offering combination of performance, design, and price, Realme Narzo and Realme 7 series, have proven very popular with younger audience. Realme’s growth largely gets attributed to its focus on internet sales channels and compelling marketing efforts.


OPPO continues to be a major player in the Indian mobile market, holding an 11% market share. OPPO’s F series has attracted the interest and allegiance of photography aficionados because to its camera-centric strategy. The company continues to draw customers from a variety of markets thanks to its dedication to innovation. That gets demonstrated by features like fast-charging technology and stylish designs. OPPO’s consistent market share gets attributed to its strategic alliances and investments in offline retail.


With a combined 11% market share with OPPO, Xiaomi continues to be the budget leader in India. Xiaomi’s success gets attributed to its Redmi and Mi series. Both series provide affordable smartphones with remarkable features. Xiaomi’s consistent launches, updates, its online-focused sales approach, have allowed it to maintain significant presence in  very competitive Indian market. The brand’s dedication to offering premium features at reasonable costs has struck a chord with customers who are budget conscious.

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With a 7% market share, OnePlus is still targeting the high-end market sector. OnePlus devices, sometimes referred to as the “flagship killer,” provide excellent specs at competitive costs. More people may now access premium features because to the OnePlus Nord series, in particular. The company’s emphasis on quick software upgrades, community involvement, and smooth user experience helps it become well-known among computer aficionados.


In the Indian market, Apple continues to hold its legendary position with a 5% market share. Due to its reputation for high quality and smooth ecosystem, iPhone is still popular with a certain kind of customer. Apple stands apart in the competitive industry. And that’s due to its dedication to frequent software upgrades, unique features, and an excellent in-store experience. Apple’s devoted following appreciates the company’s focus on design, performance, and user experience despite its premium price point.


Poco has established itself as a budget disruptor and now has a 5% market share with Apple. Value-conscious buyers have come to favor the Poco F series because it provides flagship-level features at affordable costs. Poco has found success in the Indian market thanks to its online-focused sales approach. And dedication to provide high-performance devices at affordable costs.


Tecno is starting to make an impression in the entry-level and budget markets, with a 3% market share. Customers that are budget concerned have responded favorably to the brand’s emphasis on offering huge batteries, vivid displays. And competent cameras at competitive costs. Tecno’s steady rise in the Indian mobile market gets attribute to its strategic alliances and expanding offline footprint.


With a 3% market share, Infinix is a competitor in the entry-level and budget markets. Customers looking for reasonably priced but feature-rich smartphones get drawn to the brand’s concentration on providing affordable smartphones. Along with being economical their smartphones have vast displays and powerful batteries. Due in part to its online-focused sales strategy and dedication to satisfying the needs of cost-conscious customers. Infinix is able to compete in the highly competitive Indian market.

best mobile phone brand in india


Market strategies, consumer preferences, and innovation are dynamically interacting to create the landscape of Best Mobile Brands in India. Indian consumers have wide range of options. That gets verified by Vivo’s commanding market share, Samsung’s tenacity, and the rise of competitors like Realme and Poco. The struggle for dominance in the Indian mobile industry is certain to heat up as businesses adjust to shifting market dynamics. And technology keeps developing, ultimately providing consumers with a vast array of options across a range of pricing points.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which two phone brands are the most selling in India?

Ans: Samsung and Vivo are the top-selling smartphone brands in India in Q2 2023. According to the most recent study from research firm Counterpoint, they have a market share of 20% and 18%, respectively.

Q2: What percentage of Indian mobile phone sales are Apple products?

Ans: In terms of mobile sales in India, Applies has a 5% market share.

Q3: What mobile brand has lowest share % in selling in India?

Ans: Infinix, it has a 3% market share.

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