Best Authenticator Apps for 2024: As you know mobile authenticator apps help you get a secure method to log into websites and online accounts with the help of multi-factor authentication. With them, you can be able to stay safe with the best authenticator apps for 2024 which we are sharing in this article. Multie-factor authentication will add up to other layers of protection. Our team did proper research and found out that using an authenticator app is one of the safe and secure methods to do it.

Using an authenticator app like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator is a safe and secure method of MFA as compared to the one-time codes which get sent to your number via SMS. Here, we are sharing the top 5 free Authenticator Apps which you can use to add an extra layer of protection to your account.

1. 2FAS

Best Authenticator Apps for 2024

2FAS is one of the easy and functional apps which can be able to do everything which you want in an authenticator. It allows you to add online accounts or with the QR code. It can be able to create cloud backups of the registered account in iCloud for Apple or Google Drive for Android, which is quite critical if you lose the phone or buy a new one. The backup is also encrypted and accessible from the 2FAS app, and it doesn’t need your mobile number and doesn’t need you to create an online account a swell. You can also be able to set the PIN to simply access the app, and also, on the iPhone; you can be able to use FaceId or TouchID.

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2. Aegis Authenticator

Aegis authenticator is one of the free and open-source options for Android users. It will get a high rating on the Google Play store as compared to the other authenticator apps. It is also available from the open-source catalogue of the apps. The authentication token will also get encrypted at rest, and accessing them needs a password or biometric unlocking. It will also offer automatic backup to the online storage provider of your choice and allow you to import your accounts from the existing authenticator. It also provides the best tools for organisation, like custom icons for accounts, custom login groups and searches as well.

3. Duo Mobile

Duo Mobile is mainly geared toward corporate apps. It was one of the first authenticators which we ever used. Duo Mobile offers enterprise features like multiuser deployment options and provisioning, one-tap push authentication and also one-time passcodes as well. It is one of the easy-to-use authenticator apps, and if you use it, then you will definitely appreciate it.

4. Google Authenticator

Google beefed up its free authenticator apps features and added up lots of essential backup capabilities. In terms of enabling this backup, you can simply log in with your Google account and also you don’t need to log in to an account, which is really good. The double-edged sword is that when you sign in and back your login, then you can protect your account by using the Google Authenticator. When you use the Google Authenticator to log into your Google account then, you have to enter your six-digit code, which appears in the authenticator app. The app also allows you to import the logins from your old phone to a new one.

5. Microsoft Authenticator

With the standard TOTP multi-factor support, Microsoft Authenticator also comes up with secure password generation and allows you to log into your Microsoft account with a button press or by clicking on the two-digit number which appears in the push notification. Also, the app enables schools and workplaces to register the user’s devices simply. If you start using this app, then you can be able to turn on the account recovery. When you get a new phone, you will get an option to recover by simply logging into your Microsoft account and providing more verifications.

6. Authy

One of the best advantages of Authy is it offers an encrypted cloud backup. Also, it provides an option to simply enter a private password or the passphrase that the author uses to merely encrypt the login info for the accounts to the cloud. The password is also known to you, and if you forget it, then the author will not be able to recover the account. It means that the authorities can’t force the author to unlock your accounts. Autjy also needs your phone number when you set it up for the first time. The author’s help centre provides a strategy to mitigate the vulnerability simply.

Free Authenticator Apps

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

MFA means that you can use more than one type of authentication to unlock the online account or app simply. The first factor is your password, and MFA means that you can be able to add another factor in addition to the password. When you use an authenticator app, then, you simply bolster the password which you know with your token, smartphone or smartwatch as well.

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Is Google Authenticator the Best?

Google authenticator doesn’t show the icons for the website, and it offers online backups, but it is one of the few apps which offers a secure, offline method for moving tokens from one device to another. It is also helpful if you get a new phone, but it also works as a manual backup if you have a second device.

What is Better, Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator?

Microsoft Authenticator can support one account on multiple devices, while Google Authenticator does not. Also, the Microsoft Authenticator has some features which allow you to hide the code, which is so helpful to protect your account simply.

Can I Trust the Microsoft Authenticator App?

Microsoft Authenticator mainly acts as the secure repository for your account details to help you authenticate and access several applications easily. Also, it will list the inactive accounts which are created by the other apps which use the authenticator for single sign-on support.

Final Verdict

Above, we have shared some of the best authenticator apps for 2024, which you can use to add an extra layer of security to your account. You can use any of the apps if you want to add more security to your account. Start using them and let us know the usefulness of these apps by dropping a comment below.

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